The best carpet installation or replacement service providers in London

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6. Mar 2024
The best carpet installation or replacement service providers in London

Hey there, carpet enthusiasts!

Are you ready to elevate your space with a fresh, stylish carpet or flooring?

Well, you're in luck because we've compiled a stellar list of the top 10 carpet installation and replacement services in London for 2024. Whether you're passionate about eco-friendly solutions, crave the convenience of door-to-door service, or simply want to explore the finest carpet and flooring options, our carefully curated selection has something for everyone. So, let's roll out the red carpet and delve into the ultimate guide to finding the perfect carpet solution for your space!


1. London Carpet Solutions - Enfield

Kicking off our list is London Carpet Solutions, located in the vibrant area of Enfield. Known for their impeccable craftsmanship and outstanding customer service, this company offers a wide range of carpet installation and replacement services. Whether you're envisioning plush, luxurious carpets or sleek, modern flooring options, London Carpet Solutions is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, they are a top contender for all your carpet and flooring needs.


2. Eco Carpet Repair

If sustainability is at the forefront of your mind, Eco Carpet Repair is a prime choice for eco-friendly carpet installation and replacement services. Emphasizing the use of environmentally conscious materials and practices, this company is dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint while delivering top-notch results. From natural fiber carpets to recycled materials, Eco Carpet Repair offers a diverse range of options for the environmentally aware consumer.


3. Natural Carpet & Floor Fitting Services

For those who appreciate the beauty of natural materials, Natural Carpet & Floor Fitting Services is a beacon of excellence in the London carpet and flooring scene. Specializing in the installation and replacement of natural fiber carpets and exquisite hardwood flooring, this company exudes timeless elegance and charm. With a focus on sustainable sourcing and expert craftsmanship, they are a go-to destination for those seeking a touch of nature within their living spaces.


4. Star Carpet & Flooring

When it comes to stellar carpet and flooring solutions, look no further than Star Carpet & Flooring. Renowned for their innovative designs and high-quality materials, this company takes pride in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases. Whether you desire opulent, statement-making carpets or sleek, contemporary flooring, Star Carpet & Flooring is committed to exceeding your expectations with their exceptional range of products and services.


5. DoorToDoorCarpets

Convenience meets quality with DoorToDoorCarpets, a service dedicated to bringing the showroom experience directly to your doorstep. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional carpet shopping and installation, as this innovative company offers a seamless, door-to-door approach to carpet selection and fitting. With a wide selection of styles and materials to choose from, DoorToDoorCarpets ensures a stress-free and personalized experience, making them a top contender for busy Londoners in search of hassle-free carpet solutions.


6. Weekly Pay Carpets London SouthLondonFlooring - Flooring Maintenance Specialist Safety Flooring

For those seeking a comprehensive approach to carpet and flooring maintenance, Weekly Pay Carpets London SouthLondonFlooring is an invaluable resource. Specializing in flooring maintenance and safety flooring, this company goes above and beyond to ensure the longevity and durability of your carpets and flooring. With a keen focus on safety and functionality, they are dedicated to providing expert solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.


7. T&R Carpets

T&R Carpets stands as a testament to quality and reliability in the carpet installation and replacement industry. With a diverse portfolio of styles and textures, this company is adept at catering to a wide range of aesthetic preferences and practical needs. Whether you're in the market for classic, timeless carpets or contemporary, cutting-edge designs, T&R Carpets guarantees a seamless and professional experience from selection to installation.


8. Carpet Solutions Ltd

When it comes to comprehensive carpet solutions, Carpet Solutions Ltd is a name that commands attention. Offering a plethora of services including installation, replacement, and maintenance, this company is committed to being a one-stop destination for all your carpet and flooring needs. With a team of skilled professionals and an extensive range of products, Carpet Solutions Ltd delivers unparalleled convenience and expertise to discerning customers.


9. Carpet Repairs London

Sometimes, all it takes is a skilled touch to breathe new life into your existing carpets. Enter Carpet Repairs London, a specialist in carpet repairs and restoration. Whether you're dealing with unsightly stains, frayed edges, or minor damages, this company possesses the expertise to revive and rejuvenate your carpets, saving you the cost and hassle of complete replacement.


10. Best Flooring Fitters London

Rounding out our top 10 list is Best Flooring Fitters London, a company dedicated to excellence in carpet and flooring installation. With a commitment to precision and quality workmanship, this team of flooring fitters takes pride in delivering flawless results that stand the test of time. Whether you're envisioning a stylish carpet overhaul or a sleek, modern flooring upgrade, Best Flooring Fitters London is poised to elevate your space with their expertise and professionalism.


Name Fulladdress Phone Website
London Carpet Solutions - Enfield Inside ABC Air Conditioning, 852 Green Lanes, London N21 2RS, Royaume-Uni +44 20 3488 9766 
Eco carpet repair +44 7526 528201
Natural carpet & floor fitting services Brinton Walk, London SE1 0XD, Royaume-Uni +44 7449 703581
Star Carpet & Flooring 154 Katherine Rd, London E6 1ER, Royaume-Uni +44 7940 521344 
Doortodoorcarpets +44 7506 044173 
Weekly pay carpets London southlondonflooring. Flooring maintenance specialist safety flooring +44 7539 072432
T&R Carpets 15, Keir Hardie House, Fulham Palace Rd, London W6 9EP, Royaume-Uni +44 7766 933024 
Carpet Solutions Ltd Unit 29, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley HA9 0LB, Royaume-Uni +44 20 8958 8770 
Carpet Repairs London 2 Green St, London NW10 6FR, Royaume-Uni +44 7510 728174 
Best Flooring Fitters London +44 20 3322 7001 


There you have it - the crème de la crème of carpet installation and replacement services in London for 2024! With an array of options catering to various preferences and needs, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your carpet and flooring aspirations. So, whether you're drawn to eco-friendly practices, crave the convenience of door-to-door service, or simply seek the finest craftsmanship, these top 10 companies have got you covered. It's time to turn your carpet dreams into a stunning reality, so go ahead and take the leap towards transforming your space with the ideal carpet solution!


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